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USA Visa - How To Go About Your Application


A USA visa is a document issued by the United States government to an individual by a foreign country to enable him to travel to the USA. There are two main categories of USA visa. The nonimmigrant visa is issued to persons who plan to visit the United States on a temporary basis. Examples of these persons are athletes, tourists, members of media and those who like to seek medical treatment. The other category of USA visa is the immigrant visa which is for people who wishes to relocate to the United States on a permanent basis. If you want to live in the USA permanently, you will have to apply for an immigrant visa. One of the requirements includes sponsorship by an immediate family or relatives who are US citizens, Greencard holders, or your prospective employer. The employer should be based in the USA and he shall do the filing of application for you. After you have found a sponsor, you will go through a process that includes producing proofs, legal documents, interviews and physical examination for final approval. After you have met all the requirements, and you have convinced the consular officer that you are eligible for a USA visa, this will be granted to you.


Each type of USA visa will need several application steps. It is important to get in touch with the US Department of State through its website and get all the pertinent information you will need. In this website you will know what type of visa is most appropriate for your particular situation. You can also get the step by step instructions that you should follow in applying for a visa. The US State Department in general aims to issue your valid visa within one month of your initial application. However, there are instances when the processing could take up to sixty days because of some administrative matters that delay the process. Because of this, you should start your visa application as early as you can to allow adequate enough time for processing


You can never be sure that your USA visa application will be approved. Being exceptionally prepared will help. Know beforehand how to complete application form, how to schedule and prepare for interview, and what you should expect upon arrival at the USA border. While it is true that an approved USA visa will not guarantee that you will be allowed entry to the United States, most visitors are allowed. When you arrive at the US border, say an airport or a border crossing, you will face an immigration officer. He will ask you several questions, mostly about your purpose in going to US, the length of your stay, your financial condition, and if you have a return ticket.

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