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USA Visa

Planning an US trip - Learn How to Get USA Visa


USA is one country in the world with the highest number of visitors and immigrants coming from different nations. Annually, several thousand people visit the US for work, study, visiting their relatives or friends, or for just enjoying a holiday in any of its cities. You may find yourself planning to visit the US, and once you have decided a specific date for your trip, the first thing that comes to your mind is how to get usa visa. For this, you need to do learn about the various documents you must acquire in order for you to be allowed entry the United States of America.


The USA visa is a vital document that anyone should have before he/she can set off to the United States. USA visas are of several types, and how to get usa visa can be indeed a simple issue if certain measures get fulfilled. The basic USA visas are of two types. They are the non-immigrant and immigrant visas. The non-immigrant visas meant solely for temporary travels or visits can pertain to either work, business, and studying or tourism purposes. Any person who wishes to become a permanent resident in the US without a time limitation on the other hand uses the immigrant visa.

Among the many papers you need to have to qualify for a visit to the States, the USA visa is the most important one. This is actually a stamp, which the US Embassy will put on your passport enabling you to request entry to the United States. This stamp will indicate the length of time you are permitted to stay in the country.

how to get USA visa is an important issue, the primary concern is, which USA visa among the different ones is applicable for you. If you wish to pursue academic studies in the US or plan to apply for a language-training course, then the F-1 Student visa is appropriate for you. To become eligible for an F-1 Student visa, you have to provide documents and prove that you have enrolled in a vocational program or an educational program in a U.S. university or a school, approved by U.S.


The next type of USA visa is the H-1B visa. You become eligible this visa if an American company has accepted you as one of its specialty workers. With this visa, you have the employment status of a "priority worker".


If you still feel how to get usa visa easily, a few things done by you can speed up your visa application. Firstly, you must be a passport holder and you should renew your passport if its expiration date is drawing near. Next, is to fill in a visa application form obtainable from the American embassy in your city or downloaded from its website. Finally a US immigration officer decides the final admittance to the US for a specific time after a careful scrutiny of your documents.

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